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Ricardo Khayatte

Mr. Ricardo Khayatte (Chief Business Development Officer) is the Founder and President of South American Business Development Corporation. Ricardo has had more than 35 years of success in developing business between North and South America. He specializes in opening Latin American markets for U.S. and Canadian companies. Born and raised in Chile and Argentina, Ricardo has an extensive network of high-level contacts throughout Latin America, particularly in the IT and telecom industries. He has served as President and CEO of large organizations; Viplastic Chile (1600 employees) and Teheran Carpet S.A. (1500 employees) Westrade Enterprises in Vancouver, Canada as well as technology companies; Qdata Software Inc., and ITS Impact Technology Solutions. Mr. Khayatte has a strong combination of entrepreneurial and managerial skills with considerable deal-making experience. Ricardo is a member of the Canadian Council of the Americas and serves on the board of several companies in South America.
He lives with his family in Vancouver, British Columbia from where he has his offices and direction of the company.

Luis Fernando Ureta Alamos

Dedicated to practicing law primarily relating to mining since 1984, and participated in advising members of various mining associations, including the Cabildo Mining Association, Mining Association of Petorca, Mining Association of Catesby. Experience in the establishment of mining properties, defending the title to mining properties, and obtaining mining investments, leases, sales contracts. Participated in the organization of the National Society of Small Mining Producers of Chile (Sopeminch) which is involved in assisting small miners in a variety of matters ranging from professional education and health care. Graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Chile, Santiago.

Bruce Carson

Bruce Carson (B.Sc.) (Director of the Energy Division) has considerable experience in finance and corporate relations, particularly in the oil and gas business. From 1982 To Whom It May Concern: 1992 he was involved with a number of oil and gas companies, acting as president for the following private, Calgary based companies: Khazana Resources Inc., Pima Oil and Gas Ltd. and Sand Exploration Ltd. Start-up enterprises at conception, these corporations, and their affiliates grew to have net assets of over $40 million. In addition, he was president of the following public companies: Alberta Resource Capital Corporation (the first Junior Capital Pool in Alberta) and Consolidated Cambridge Mines Inc. In addition to management, his responsibilities included structuring financial offerings and marketing the same. Since 1992, when he moved from Calgary to Victoria, B.C., he has acted as a consultant in the same area through his private company, Carson Enterprises.

Ricardo Khayatte Jr.

Ricardo Khayatte Jr. is a serial entrepreneur with business experience in technology, publishing, and content marketing. He is currently a partner at South American Business Development Corp., co-founder and CEO of BrandMegaphone, a technology platform that takes a journalistic approach to content marketing, and the publisher of a grassroots, local publication called Vancouver Weekly. Khayatte’s entrepreneurial experience started in 2006 as CEO/Founder of his first publicly traded company. Since then, he has worked in a variety of ventures in the biotech space, alternative energy, the Internet of Things (IoT), and content marketing. Khayatte holds a degree from Simon Fraser University in Political Science and a Masters in Journalism from the University of British Columbia.

Patricio Lopez-Huici

Industrial Civil Engineer from University of Chile and University of Navarra, Spain. His resume is quite impressive having being Director of the Commercial office of ProChile in Brazil, a Chilean official Agency promoting Exports and Investments of Chile throughout the world. Director of Bilateral Economics of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile, in charge of the free trade agreements between countries, The second highest post in Foreign Affairs, Economics Area. Advisor of the Board of CMPC S.A one of the three largest economic groups in Chile with companies like Pulp and Paper CMPC, Banco BICE and INFORSA, just to name a few. He is CEO of Sociedad de Inversiones Portoseguro S.A. Vice President of the Board of INFORSA, President of Forestal Crecex S.A. Counsellor of the Fundacion Chilena del Pacifico (entity representing APEC in Chile)APEC includes all the countries of the Pacific basin including United States, Canada, China, Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand etc.
Director of the Chamber of Commerce Chile-Peru. He has been named Member of the Committee for the project Chile in Expo Shanghai 2010. He was awarded the “Orden do Rio Branco” in his capacity of Commander of the Federal Republic of Brazil. He is a proud reserve officer of the Chilean Navy.

Jorge A. Calderon

Jorge has been involved in the Energy sector for a big part of his accomplished life. He has design projects of implementation, tariffs, maintenance and operation of 7 stations of GNC in Bolivia, Manager of Development of Projects for Emdigas SA, Bolivian gas company, financing, design and supervision of different gas plants in Bolivia and now Direction and Coordination of Gas & Electricidad SA in Peru. He has negotiated the purchase and merger of ASSA the second largest provider of GNC in Peru.
His experience and contacts in the business world in Bolivia and Peru makes him a great asset for SABD Corp.
Production Engineer and has a Master on Integration and International Commerce. He has several other studies and titles upon request.

Michael Yang

With over 25 years experience in international trade and investment, Michael Yang brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to South American Business Development. Yang’s education in both engineering and business is extensive. After completing his undergraduate degree in engineering, Yang worked for the Central Government of China for seven years. It was at this point, that the Chinese government selected. Yang to continue his studies abroad, completing an MBA from SUNY.

In the years that followed, Yang continued to develop high-level relationships with industry leaders and governments while making equity partner at SDI. Michael Yang’s experience in mining, trade, and commodities, coupled with his business integrity, has earned him a well-reputed place in China and the international business community at large.

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