We develop large scale projects in Latin America


South American Business Development Corporation is a Business Development company focused on developing trade between North and South America.



SABD is interested in various aspects of the energy sector. From Alternative Energy to Natural Gas and Oil in different regions of the Americas.


SABD is involved in the mining sector specifically in Chile and Peru. Copper, Gold and Iron Ore are the principal interests of SABD and its clients. We have a team of Geologists, Mine Engineers, Metallurgical Engineers and Mining lawyers.


SABD is very interested in representing companies with new technologies to market their products in the Americas.

Environmental Products and Services

SABD is interested in representing and marketing products, services and new technologies related to the environment.

Import, Export and tax consulting

SABD has agreements with brokers and tax specialist in the different sectors. We can help in the various aspects of import, export, and taxes related to new or old products getting into new markets.

Financing and Venture Capital

We can offer in specific cases, financing and venture capital. We also produce expert business plans and services.


SABD offers help to new companies in anything that is banking related in Chile and Peru.

IT Industry

SADB has been in the past very successful in introducing and marketing new products and services of the IT industry in Latin America.